Geriatric Medicine Overview

Geriatric Medicine is a speciality that deals with the complex medical and psychological problems of older adults. The chronological age of 65 years has been accepted worldwide as a definition of elderly. In response to the rapidly aging population, Geriatrics has emerged as an area of medicine focusing on health promotion and the treatment of disease and disabilities in later life.

Elderly patients often have multiple co-morbidities, use multiple medications, and may face social disadvantages, emotional vulnerability, or financial challenges. Given the types of problems that the elderly and their families face, the department of Geriatric Medicine at Coastal Care Hospitals employ varied skills to treat challenging acute and chronic diseases.

Treatment & Procedures

Multidisciplinary approach
Protocol based treatment
Palliative care (for terminally ill patients)
Preventive care (specially prevention of aspiration pneumonia, pressure sore and falls)
Family meeting with multidisciplinary team for very sick patients to define goals of care
Elderly Home care services

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Geriatrics Department