Paediatrics Overview

General Paediatrics provides primary paediatric care services to children at all stages i.e. newborn, infant, childhood, teenage etc. It provides enhanced high quality health care services to all children. Under this department, we have a team of highly skilled, academically qualified and experienced paediatricians to deliver top class health care to children.

Treatment & Procedures

Children and teens are special patients who need the expertise and care of nurses and physicians skilled in Paediatric care. Paediatric Emergency Room that has been functional for years at Coastal Care Hospital offers a cheerful, child-friendly environment created to make a child’s emergency room experience as positive as possible. It is one of the first Paediatric Emergency choices in the state.

Functioning round the clock, the Paediatric Emergency Room is a place where healthcare professionals who are experienced in Paediatric care ensure that young patients receive the attention they need in an environment that is sensitive to their unique medical and emotional needs.

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Paediatrics Department